How proactiv works

Combination Therapy® is key to keeping your skin clear and healthy-looking. That’s why multi-step healthy-skin regimens are a part of our DNA — they work! Just ask our millions of satisfied customers.

Combination Therapy®

Attack acne at every stage of the cycle.

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It may seem like time screeches to a halt when you get a pimple. But the truth of the matter is that the breakout that shows up on your face is the end result of a cycle that started weeks earlier when your pore became clogged with dead skin cells. Oil then collected in the pore creating a playground for p. acnes bacteria to feed and breed, which led to the throbbing, red, tender bump that is making your day miserable.

Take care of your skin and stop chasing pimples: You brush all of your teeth every day, not just the ones that have cavities, so why not treat your entire face instead of the pimples that you can actually see.

Our Combination Therapy approach is a preventative strategy that provides you with a complete, multi-step skincare regimen together with acne-fighting medicine. These acne-fighters attack acne at every stage of the cycle, helping to stop current breakouts in their tracks and new ones from forming. It’s recommended by dermatologists for a reason — it works!

Proactiv was the first company to revolutionize healthy skincare with this comprehensive approach. We have always found that this preventative strategy delivers superior results for our customers.

Each of the lines in the Proactiv family uses the Combination Therapy approach to help you address your skincare needs. To get the healthy-looking skin you’ve always wanted, try Proactiv today and see the difference Combination Therapy can make for you.

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